Project NY – Dell XPS

For the 3 days of Project Global Trade Show, the bloggers of ‘The Blogger Project’ were equipped with the new Dell XPS, a very powerful yet compact laptop.  With the XPS we were able to live blog, tweet, edit our photos and upload what we visioned onto our websites.  Prior to the trade show, I was given about a week to get used the XPS but really I think I only needed a few hours.  Having been surrounded by Mac’s and different Apple products I thought I would never go back to PC’s, but the ever so smart XPS laptop really changed my views and now a fan of Dell.

On our last day of Project, my friend from Denim Therapy and I decided to do an impromptu photoshoot for Dell and their new creation the XPS.

Check out some of the photos and bloopers below, I hope you enjoy.  OH!  Please excuse us, we’re basically doing the same pose in all of the photographs, we are in no way “models”, at least I’m not.

After the photos, please take some time to check out the XPS by Dell!  Click here to advance.

What I’m wearing:

Top:  Modasuite.

Belt: Del Toro belt

Pants: Uniqlo

Shoes: Florsheim Veblen

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2 Responses to “Project NY – Dell XPS”
  1. So much fun! xx


  2. sarah says:

    this looks so fun! i really like your outfit!


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