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Super Retro Future.  A brand we’ve all seen on Weezy and stars of the likes, but what about the New Yorkers dancing in the clubs or out drinking in bars.  Yes them too.  The brand started back in 2007, making it their 5th year and already they’re on the faces of hipsters all across the globe! I’ve came into contact with high end brands like Tiffany & Co. *which I wore once* and Gucci frames I got back when I was in high school.  Now, even after so long, the only eyewear I sport is a pair my boy friend got me 2 years back.  It was a brand I’ve never heard of, which I didn’t mind, I came to learn their name and love their products.   These glasses are F*CKING dope!

Peculiar.  Different.  Awkward.  Shy.  I felt the stares of random people walking by the moment I put the Ciccios on; maybe it was the frames or their first time seeing an Asian, either way I was being eyeballed.  Confident.  Special. Excited. Cue Rihanna ‘Only Girl In The World’.  Coming out with my newly set in prescription lens, I simultaneously experienced the feelings of peculiarness and uniqueness. Peculiar because it’s heavier than my other spectacles, but special for reasons defined by the vibrant red color.

With these pair of glasses, I honestly believe people are forced to focus on me when I talk to them or gaze at me when passing by each other.  I used to work at a small tailor shop down in Chelsea, and a man walks in to pick up his tailored suit.  As he smiles he compliments me on my red glasses and that’s how our conversation started.  He asked me what I did when I wasn’t working or what I wanted to do in life, before he left the conversation ended by him presenting his business card to me.  He was Mr. Tweedy, the Vice President of Sean John.

Years later, Paul asked me to attend an Atrium event with him.  As we were making our rounds with drinks and salutations, I spotted Mr. Tweedy.  Although I had these big glasses around my face, it wasn’t big enough to hide behind for the embarrassment was evident.. what if he didn’t remember me? I was hesitant to go up to him.  I soon felt a tap, Paul taps me on my back and as I turned around I noticed Mr. Tweedy standing with a smile. “Heyyy! How are you?”.  For a person like him to remember me was probably the most craziest thing, from his busy meetings and his often business trips to remember me was incredible!  I laughed replying, “Can not believe you remember me.  I first met you like 2 years ago?”  He replied, “it’s those unforgettable frames!”.

These glasses for sure make lasting impressions.

Through my perspective in these red frames, I can only tell you it gave me a much needed lift to my confidence.  Not only is it special because my significant other bought them for me, but also because I haven’t seen anyone else wear them.  Whether I’m at Meatpacking or Columbus Circle, I receive endless amounts of compliments and I am remembered as #thegirlwiththeredglasses. Hash tag that isssh baby!


At the end of the day, I really don’t need an OVM piece, Wang oxfords, or a Celine bag really.  Scratch that, I actually do want them all, but in all seriousness, these frames are the only statement piece I need.


Although the red pair is not available online, there are a variety of different colors offered on their online shop.. right now, I die in the inside for the Classic Havana, Crystal and the Dark Grey clear!  I want them all, eeeekk!

Check out the website here to see other models!

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-Sarah Lee

All photographs were created by both Paul Chin and Sarah Lee of Lavish-Livez.com.  These photos may not be reproduced in anyways without consent.  To contact the writer, please contact Sarah@lavish-livez.com

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