OOTD | NYFW Outfit #2

I have a friend named Norman and he explained that the photo above truly represented me.  At first I was confused, but it was very simple.  Through his eyes, he said I’m a stylish being with a lot of humor to offer.  When around people I’m not familiar with, I really can’t open up so quick and even if we know each other I won’t throw around some corny jokes I do with my close circle of friends, this is because they will not understand.  I’m not saying you’re not ‘fast-enough’ to catch on, I’m saying my friends are weird and have a whole different sense of humor than the rest of the population, trust me.. we are super weird; we will make you feel uncomfortable.

But back on topic, we should always feel comfortable in the clothes we wear and should never feel afraid to show some teeth in laughter just because we are in a 3 piece suit and need to live up to the ‘American Psycho’ expectation.  Have fun, stay stylish be yourself.  Remember clothes are like skin over our flesh.

Jacket – Jil Sander x Uniqlo

Pants – Custom Tailored

Boots – Timberland Abington Logger boots (review here)

Gloves – Sermoneta

Shirt – Moda Suite


Photo was taken by none other than Dapper Lou, damn I want this 85mm lens!


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