Project | Nicholas K

I got to meet an amazing designer, Nicholas K, through a great inspirational friend Chunky.  Chunky was so sweet to introduce me to her and I honestly got shy really fast.  To keep me from bursting out giggles and butterflies I calmed myself by taking some photos of them chatting up and just hanging out.  I honestly wanted to take photos of the clothes, but the lighting wasn’t so great at the moment and it didn’t help that the clothes were grey and black (and so beautiful, you guys should see them in person… be excited), so with that said, I really look forward to shooting at their fashion show.

Also, there was a really cool model named Bobby Warden (root mgt) who by the way is blowing up in Asia, and he was there to model some of the clothes.  With Chunkies guidance and styling, I was allowed to shoot him, for fun, with a really beautiful piece of outerwear designed by none-other-than Nicholas K.

Check out some photos of us chilling out at the Project show.

Nicholas K with her model, Bobby Warden.I love Chunkies smile!!

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