OOTD | Blue and Purple

Shot by Justin Bridges of Tucked Style.

This shot was taken nearly 2 weeks ago when I was hanging with Sean of GQ Eye and Justin of Tucked Style with a few other bloggers/photographers at a nice Cafe/Boutique called Saturdays Surf.  It’s a sweet little spot in SoHo where many creative minds just hangout and enjoy great espresso, coffee and what have you.

That day wasn’t exactly super cold so I decided to wear a blazer, wool cardigan and a t-shirt on top with a pair of tan pants, wool socks and white chucks on my bottom.  It did the job until it hit night time and that’s when it got pretty chilly, next time I’ll add a vest and a pair of gloves to this outfit.

Check out some photos of that afternoon. ( every shot below were shot by me with my iPhone )

Here is Justin as usual shooting people, this was a regular site throughout the night… everyone was shooting each other.

I really enjoy this photo, for what reason I don’t know.  From left to right, James, Sean and Justin.

On our way to DOMA, an awesome place to just read, eat and just relax.  I don’t have any pictures of the place, but the food there is AWESOME!  Try their burger and fries, simply amazing!

I ended the night at Rusty Knot, a nice community pub in the West Village called The Rusty Knot playing pool with Sean and a few of his friends.

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