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We have come together with Cremo Cream to present this brilliant giveaway to our readers and supporters. (Makes for a great Holiday Gift!)

Appearance plays a huge roll in self confidence and if your skin isn’t right then it will affect many aspects of your life.  I myself struggle with bad skin and it’s been apart of me since high school and I’m not going to sit here and lie to you that it doesn’t bother me, because it does. But having great quality/effective facial cleansers, moisturizers and shaving creams really helps a lot! Few months back I was introduced and given a samples of Cremo Cream products by the good friends over at FactoryPR and I really thank them for that. I’m not just saying this because they gave this to me, but because it works.. I’m actually really impressed by the results it brings with such a low cost! If you have friends like me or even if you’re battling bad skin, you really have to give Cremo Cream a go!

The good news is that we are giving 3 (three) sets of Cremo Cream away for FREE, which means you have 3 chances to win!!

What’s in a set?  In the set you will receive the Cremo Shaving Cream, Cremo Moisturizer and lastly the Cremo Face Wash!

All you have to do is:

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  2. Tweet this on Twitter. “Enter to win 3 @cremocream facial sets from @lavishlivez! Visit to win! #giveaway #free #prize“.



We also recommend you to (but not mandatory):

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The giveaway ends on December 21st! (winners will be announced via email)

Good luck!


How the products will astonish you in 3 ways!

Performance -

Each product made by the Cremo Company performs in a way that is clearly superior to anything else available in its class. How? We work only with experienced chemists who specialize in skin-care products for extremely high-end, famous international cosmetics companies. We know what actually works and what is fluff. We then develop products that focus on specific performance targets using the best and only ingredients that will deliver noticeable, dramatic results.

Value -

Luxury-store quality at everyday value-pricing. How? Through high volume, intelligent packaging, efficient manufacturing, eliminating fluff ingredients and minimizing advertising expenses.

Convenience -

Once only available at a few select, prestigious luxury boutiques, our products are now widely available in a easy-access store locations and dozens of popular on-line retailers. How? We made the decision to lower our retail price by about 60% and succeed through the purchasing volume that only a large number of outlets could support. Broad distribution benefits you in both convenience and price yet does not diminish the quality in any way.


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