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Gant Rugger has just released an array of leather goods just in time for the holidays!

“Each product will become even more beautiful the more you use it and will last long enough to be passed on to your grandson”.  – Christopher Bastin

Sourced locally, Gant Rugger has designed limited edition belts, card holders, phone covers and slip cases all made from 100% organic leather.  The process is simple, 2 hours north of Stockholm, Sweden there is a tannery in Europe where tradition and quality still lives on, even after 250 years from birth.  The designer of Gant Rugger, Christopher Bastin has come together with the well respected Tärnsjö tannery to produce leather accessories in seriously limited quantities.  Did we mention that they’re individually hand made?  Rather than mass producing these goods, Gant Rugger says that they stand behind the saying “quality over quantity”.

“We’d rather make 15 pieces and pour our heart in to every single one, than produce 1500 and feel nothing. We’re proud to be able to work with a local supplier who shares our belief in quality, value for money and keeping the heritage alive”.

The collection is available in two colorways, natural undyed and cognac – both just get better with age!  This is one of those “things” that we will be able to pass down for generations to come.

Products and pricing:

  • Leather slip case $495
  • Leather phone cover $94
  • Leather card holder $155
  • Leather belt $150

These are exclusively sold online and at GANT stores in New York City.

Check out some more detailed photos below!

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