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It’s cold this time of year so warm yourself up by giving back to your loved ones *cheesy line, I know*.

Hey look… I love Christmas and it’s not because of the jolly songs, snow or the eggnog *I actually never had a glass of eggnog before*, but because of the feeling I get when I give. Just seeing the expression on his/her face and knowing that they can enjoy what I have to offer, it’s an amazing feeling! But what kind of gifts do you get your boyfriend, best friend, father or brother? Gifts that he WILL put to good use and very often at that, this way he can be reminded of you throughout his moments in time. It’s quite narcissistic if you look at it from a different P.O.V but honestly, you don’t want him thinking it was from another girl or friend would you? Thought so.

I’ve gifted my girlfriend Sarah some pretty neat stuff during our relationship so far, a watch, glasses, necklace, rings, phone amongst other things, but the important factor is that she wears and puts to use these items every single day. And it’s not because she has to because I bought it for her or so I hope not, but because firstly it looks good on her and secondly she genuinely likes it. So the key ideas to understand when gift shopping for him this holiday are to know what he likes, needs and want… things that he truly desires.

Although he may, for lack of better words and not sounding repetitive, ‘yearn’ for different gifts from the next man, I tried my best to be fair and cater to different styles and tastes.

Check out the clean collage my girlfriend help put together and follow along this list of description by numbers.


1. Oliver Spencer Wool Jacket.

This is an awesome two tone wool jacket for the winter and for many more cold weathers to come! The plaid fisher jacket by Oliver Spencer features a combination of two neutral colors, 4 front pockets and a very unique, club like collar *I’ve never seen this done on a jacket before*. This, for sure, is a great fitted + high quality jacket and I know he will enjoy it!

Some Style Facts/descriptions provided by Mr. Porter :

  • Fans of Oliver Spencer’s high quality clothes include everyone from the Rolling Stones to Orlando Bloom, demonstrating the label’s uniquely versatile approach to style
  • Plaid fabric was banned in Scotland from 1746 to 1782 in an attempt to bring warring clans under government control
  • 100% wool; lining: 50% cotton, 30% polyester, 20% viscose
  • Dry clean only
  • Made in the UK

You can buy the Oliver Spencer Wool Jacket by visiting Mr. Porter online shop for the new sale price of $240.00!

2. Filson Rucksack

A household name to many, Filson is the pinnacle of the great Americana when it comes to the great outdoors. Since 1897 they’ve created, crafted and mastered the ‘art’ of luggage which makes their name rich in history and their products long lasting. Since we want to gift someone special something that will last for a lifetime, the Filson Rucksack is ideal and will be a superb present to that outdoor enthusiasts or just a fan of great craftsmanship.

Some detail and info on the rucksack by Filson:

“Our rucksack is as rugged and functional as it is handsome. Large top opening for easy packing. Two large capacity expandable front pockets and an open back pocket. A two-way solid brass zipper with large leather pulls. Bridle Leather carrying handle and adjustable straps. Meets carry-on requirements. Made in USA.”


  • Water Repellent.
  • Storm flap with double leather buckle closure.
  • 2 large expandable front pockets; 1 rear full width open pocket.
  • Hunting, Shooting, Field, Travel, Workwear

Get the awesome Filson Rucksack here for the price of $260.00!

3. Mont Blanc Fragrance

I personally own this and I LOOOOOVE the smell, it just makes me want to hug myself! It’s hard for me to describe a scent, but what I can try to do is explain how I feel besides wanting to hug myself lol. When inhaling the aroma of the Mont Blanc Starwalker, I feel very relaxed and smooth… like a million bucks! Picture Sean Connery at his prime, fresh out of the shower in his living room with a cigar in one hand and his Walther pistol on the other, that basically sums it all up.

Product description:

  • Starwalker de Toilette
  • 75 ml

Get your Bond on by going to your local Mont Blanc boutique or their online shop and buy it for $68.00!

4. J. Crew Camo Flask

I don’t drink much, but I do very much love camouflage! Usually brands try to jump on the ‘camo trend’ but fail because of the print/pattern they’ve used, but J.Crew nailed it with this one. The camo flask by J.Crew is perfect for those relaxed days that we all enjoy very much! Let that boy drink!

Product description:

Nip chills in the bud the way they did it in the good old days with this rugged camo flask. Perfect for all of the season’s impromptu toasts—we can think of a few stockings we’ll be stuffing with this handy companion.Stainless steel wrapped in canvas and leather. Import.

The camo flask is available in store or online for $39.50!

5. EXOvault

This is for that tech geek you care for. We all know the iPhone is a drug and is a very expensive habit at that so we iPhone addicts need to protect our ‘baby’! But you wouldn’t wear Nike tube socks with a pair of Prada brogues.. would you? I hope your answer was no. Spend a few bucks and get the Rolls Royce of iPhone cases, the EXOvault! This specific piece is gold plated on brass by using the best technology and the back piece being a high quality, all natural wood! This for sure will be a great gift, that’s if it doesn’t land on your iPhone first.

Product description:

The Gold EXO10 for iPhone 4 is made of billet machined brass that is plated by Epner Technolgy using their Laser Gold process, the most durable gold plating available.

Get two cases, one for you and one for him or her! Get them here for $300.00! (Check out our product review here!)

6. Bean Pole Varsity Blazer

You know the saying “love at first sight”, well this plays true for me when it comes to this label. I came across this amazing brand while I was over at Korea called Bean Pole and I was just so attracted to the Koreans approach to British menswear. What intrigues me even more is the movement they have started, because this ‘kind-of-style’ didn’t really take off in Korea till’ recently (few years). Yes there were always tailored men in Korea, but not like the Britishers. Now, there are men in beautifully cut suits and clean brogues and I believe Bean Pole plays a great factor in this. Ohhh… interesting fact, Bean Pole is an affiliate company of Samsung!

This blazer has many characteristics that of a varsity jacket, it’s just cut much better than what we’re used to wearing back in high school. I would like to point out that I’m really enjoying the plaid sleeves, the two upper pockets and the center vent!

Product description:

  • Bean Pole casual jackets, the sleeve is a navy color scheme.
  • Casual match in detail and clean design is a unique product.
  • The active stripe coloration, rib and elbow patches, decorations stand out of the sleeve.

I know most of y’all can’t read Korean, so here I did the favor of translating it for you thanks to Google translator. Click here to buy for $403.20!

7. Very Special Hennessy

Come on, you know you want too. You’ll be the ‘issh’ if you show up to a Christmas party and pop a bottle of the Very Special Hennessy. Everyone would love you for that! So while everyone is getting their drink on, you can be glad that you kept the party going! Who knows, it will make you even more friends.. which means more gifts for you next year!

Drink description:

A beautiful, bright golden colour. The powerful bouquet is dominated by overtones of oak, giving way to reveal a delicate scent of hazelnuts. Smooth and floral, V.S combines the sweetness of red fruits with a hint of vanilla that lingers on the palate. Balanced and complex, the rich bouquet slowly releases a succession of aromas which develop in the mouth and mellow into the most refined of finishes. Hennessy V.S has traditionally been enjoyed neat after a meal. Classic and contemporary cocktail recipes stand out as being noticeably superior when mixed with Hennessy V.S. A splendid augmentation for famous cocktails such as a Hennessy Martini, Hennessy Sidecar, Hennessy Sour or Hennessy Alexander

Get your drink on here for $59.99!

8. Tsovet Watch

It’s not a quality watch if it isn’t Swiss made. This Tsovet watch features a beautiful calf leather band with white contrast stitching and the hint of blue placed on the hands is a great compliment to the overall look of this timepiece. Instead of getting the typical brand like Burberry, why not to gift something new and affordable.

Product description:

Large, round matte stainless steel face watch from Tsovet. Features Italian calf leather band, brushed stainless steel case, hardened mineral crystal; scratch-resistant; antireflective, rhonda 515 Swiss quartz movement, silver dial with luminous silver markers, three luminous hands, date window. Water-resistant to 10 ATM (300 ft).

TSOVET supplies a 3 year warranty.

22mm strap. 48mm case.

Buy the Tsovet Dial Silver With Black watch at Need Supply for $350.00!

9. Cremo Cream

Appearance plays a huge roll in self confidence and if your skin isn’t right then it will affect many aspects of your life. I myself struggle with bad skin and it’s been apart of me since high school and I’m not going to sit here and lie to you that it doesn’t bother me, because it does. But having good quality/effective facial cleansers, moisturizers and shaving creams really helps a lot! Few months back I was introduced and given a samples of Cremo Cream products by the good friends over at FactoryPR and I really thank them for that. I’m not just saying this because they gave this to me, but because it works.. I’m actually really impressed by the results it brings with such a low cost! If you have friends like me or even if you’re battling bad skin, you really have to give Cremo Cream a go! Not only will they thank you then, but they will keep on showing you appreciation, I promise. Fun fact, Mike Boone, the creator of these products is also the inventor of the Boone Board A.K.A dry erase board system!

Product description:

Shave Cream – Our flagship super-slick, nick-free, smooth-skin foam-less shave cream that launched our company.

Face Wash – Deep cleans yet is soap free, film-free/clean rinsing, pH neutral, non-stinging and does not dry out your delicate facial skin.

Face Moisturizer – Light, quickly absorbed, 24-hour moisture with powerful anti-inflammatory compounds heals & visibly improves skin. Not sticky or shiny.

Get each of these products at for less than $8.00!

10. Canon G12

Me being a lover of photography, I don’t mind carrying my Canon DSLR around… sometimes. There are just those days where you don’t feel like strapping a, what it feels like to be 100 lb, camera around your neck and walk around the city all day, sometimes you just want something that fits inside your pockets. This is where the Canon Powershot G12 comes into play! My girlfriend and I have been eying the G series for a while now and unfortunately we still haven’t got around to buying it… but this might be the year! The canon G12 is MONSTER!


  • 10MP CCD Image Sensor
  • DIGIC 4 Image Processor
  • 1280 x 720p HD Video Capture
  • 2.8″ Vari-Angled LCD
  • JPEG and RAW File Image Capture
  • 28mm Lens with 5x Optical Zoom Hybrid IS
  • Optical Image Stabilization
  • Stereo Sound for Video
  • Manual Exposure Control

I want this, so does your photographer friend! Please get it for me.. I mean them, I KNOW he wants it! You can purchase it at the world famous BHPhotoVideo store or their online shop for $379.95!

I would say this was the most versatile shopping guide I’ve ever put together! From jackets to cameras to even alcohol, very interesting post to say the least. But I really hope you enjoyed this years Holiday Gift Guide and also that it helped you to get inspired.

Thank you for reading and see y’all soon!

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