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Photos are edited and created by Paul Chin of  None of these photos shall be reproduced without permission. 

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After 2 years of being a proud Android phone owner, I felt it was time to switch back to the simple and clean iPhone design.  I’ve recently upgraded to the iPhone 4s and have become ever so close with Siri, but she still won’t marry me, her response is something in the lines of “My end user licensing agreement does not cover marriage.  My apologies” but one day she’ll give in.

Back to the subject at hand.  I had this beautifully crafted iPhone 4 case lying around the house, designed by EXOvault and I just couldn’t wait to put this on my phone.  The design aspect is of the iPhone 4, it’s simple, durable and luxurious!

What’s inside the packaging?  The hex wrench, 6 mini screws and the iPhone case itself.

First let’s put the back and front covers on the iPhone.  Then put the first screw in and start wrenching away!  Now since the first screw is in, you will have no problem

screwing the rest in.  (This process should take you less than 30 seconds to complete)

Now you are done.  Look how beautiful it looks!  The white and brass looks magnificent together and I’m super glad I own an iPhone case from EXOvault!

Just wanted to say, I already dropped my iPhone on concrete and nothing happened, just a small scratch on the corner of the brass case.  My heart is at ease

knowing my phone is in a vault made from solid brass!

EXOvault Brass iPhone Cases

We think the brass is a beautiful material in its raw form, so we wanted to keep this rich finish on our cases.  The brass case will wear and develop a patina slightly with use.  Its surface will be unique to you…daily wear and tear should only improve the look and feel of this case. We did not feel the need to over-polish and strip this wonderful metal of its inherent natural beauty, and so small scratches and imperfections may be expected and will add to its rustic charm.

However, the case can be brought back to its full brightness by rubbing an empty case with a Scotch-Brite or similar pad along the length of the case every so often.

Check out the back!

And the volume button.

This phone case by EXOvault is super durable and can take big impacts thanks to the sold brass exterior.  It definitely adds

some weight to the phone, but not a big deal when your $600 phone is secured.  If you are looking for a unique iPhone case that your

buddies will be impressed about, then EXOvault is the brand for you!

I 100% support this brand because of it’s simple design and perfect craftsmanship!

Get your EXOvault case here!

Photos are edited and created by Paul Chin of  None of these photos shall be reproduced without permission. 

Please email for inquiry.

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