Guide | BLUEtiful Spring/Summer 2011 Trend.

Blue.   Blue is the sky making it a natural color and a universal color.  In many diverse culture blue represents peace and keeps the bad spirits away.  The color also conveys confidence and importance, where do you think the blue power suits or the police uniforms came from?  But different shades of blue can change the meaning, for example; medium and darker blue is associated with intelligence, stability, unity and conservatism while lighter blues convey peace, love and serenity.

In Iran, blue is the color of mourning while in the West the something blue bridal tradition represents love.

A simple color with many meaning.

Now that we understand the meaning of blue let’s get back into fashion!

This Spring, blue is the new black and many designers have taken notice.  From dark blues by Alexander Mcqueen to a more brighter blue by Jil Sander, every shade and designer in between will have you looking blue and keeping you cool.

Think of how well blue will match with gray, making your outfit an understated elegance or mix it with hot red cooling your look down.  Blue will match nearly anything (depending on the shade of blue) and enhance the whole look!!!

Below I will list a few designers who have embraced the color this Spring.


Christopher Kane

Famously known to have amazing photos of mushroom clouds, gorillas and crocodiles on his garments, Christopher Kane brings us a more blue, extravagant and celestial side to his t-shirts this season. Although there is a red version of this tee, I think the blue makes it more pleasing to look at.

I’m noticing many of his prints from his women’s collection are making it’s way in his menswear.. which makes me wonder how he will influence other designers and what is in store for menswear in the new era.

You can find the “Star Tee” here for $360.00.

Official Description:

Stretch jersey short sleeve crewneck tee in celestial star print.

Available in Blue.

Made in Italy.

Viscose/lycra. Dry clean.


John Galliano

Disregarding the accusation against John Galliano, we have to understand he is a brilliant designer, both Sarah and I hope for the best for him.

Part of his Spring/Summer 2011 Menswear collection is his take on a classic moccasin shoe.  Crafting the footwear with mostly perforated white leather, he makes the shoe more breathable and more appealing.  He also added navy blue leather for the piping, contrast stitching, ankles and the tassels which gives it a much cleaner finish.

The moccasin shoes are available.. somewhere lol.  I’ve searched for about 30 minutes for this shoe, but all I found was a bunch of boutiques that carry his collections.  I will only list for United States.


1000 Third Avenue New York, NY 10022

or you can visit his website and try to seek something I may have missed.


Tommy Hilfiger

Since the launch of “The Boys Club”, I have fallen deeply in love with Tommy Hilfiger and their new approach on menswear.  If I was told a year ago that Tommy Hilfiger would be one of my favorite brands for 2011 I would of died from laughter, but here we are now with the blazer shown above being one of my favorite garments shown in this “BLUEtiful” guide.

Featuring a multi-tone blue camouflage all around, the printed patch pocket jacket will surely keep you looking cool and grab the attention you deserve!  Pair it up with the blue camo button down just like the model!!  (They even have a blue camo shorts.. I know it may sound tacky, but with the right confidence on the right person.. I believe it would be a beast of an outfit!)

The Blue camo blazer by Tommy Hilfiger is available at their online store for the price of $129.00.

Official Description:

Printed patch pocket jacket.

Style # 4M51814126

Camo Blazer

Alexander McQueen
Although Alexander McQueen has left Earth, his presence in the fashion industry is stronger than ever.  R.I.P McQ.
I am kind of new to his menswear collection, but I am a HUGE fan of his womenswear.  My eyes have been trained, thanks to my girlfriend, to spot anything and everything related to McQueen.  With my love for McQueens womenswear I overlooked his menswear until recently, surfing through his website I came upon this real cool jacket.  Using the technique of “Overdying” on velvet fabric, the piece has a desaturated blue look to it.
*Overdying is the act of dying a fabric with its original color still on it and mixing it with another colored dye.  For example, if you mix a purple colored wool with a red dye the outcome would be a beautiful wine color.*
What I enjoy about this jacket is the deconstructed wash which contributes to the casual look of it, but the fabric used in this garment (when correctly incorporated) gives an aura of luxury.
The Navy Overdyed Velvet Jacket by Alexander McQueen can be found here for $875.00.


I have blogged about this brand before showing off their S/S collection and even back then I mentioned I preferred the blue piece because it goes well with most of my clothing, it’s just a color a lot of men wouldn’t sport on a watch. The Vice Blue watch by the Italy inspired brand TRIWA, is a good looking time piece and a great accessory for this Spring/Summer.

The case is made from blue steel PC plastic and the strap is made from blue steel PU rubber keeping the watch lightweight compared to a metal chassis.  Both the bezel and the dial components are detailed with blue steal and silver colors.  You can purchase the “Vice Blue” watch by TRIWA at their online shop for $145.00.

*I couldn’t mention it in this post because it isn’t blue, but Nevil Raven Black is by FAR my favorite on their online store. *

Official Description:

Case – Blue steel PC plastic
Strap – Blue steel PU rubber
Bezel colour – Blue steel with silver details
Dial colour – Blue steel with silver details
Movement – Citizen Miyota 2115
Size – 38 mm

Davidelfin is one of the new designers I have been introduced to via fashion publishers and I am in love with his designs.  If I could describe him in a few words it would be that he is very brave and truly brings something unique to the runway.   Davidelfin designs pieces that most people would sketch, crumble the paper and throw away and that’s why I think he is very brave.  Every time Sarah sits down to design a garment, I sit next to her giving her ideas and always reminding her that she has to believe in her skills and designs; no one will enjoy her garments if she doesn’t.

Davidelfin is so great, the way he paired up harness and suits together is amazing, but not only that.. he redefined the meaning of black and white.  Please check his collection out and you will see what I’m talking about.

This Spring/Summer, blue is the main color Davidelfin used for the Tautology collection and the way he mixed the neon colored harnesses is just plain brilliant!!

Although the web store doesn’t list the price, you can contact them via website and they will consult you.  You can order the shorts, t-shirt and harness here.

Official Description:

T-shirt + Harness Composition -  96% viscose 4% elastane

Shorts Composition – 86% viscose 10% poliamide 4% elastane




If there was such a thing as “the cleanest blue shoe” this pair would be it and if there was a designer who can make that happen it would be Jil Sander.  The sneaker above is part of Jil Sander’s Spring/Summer 2011 footwear collection and one surely can pair it up with a cool grey suit or with a rolled up raw denim.  The shoes upper is made from soft calf leather which sits on a glossy, contrasted blue color. Great for any occasion, this is the perfect shoe to go with any of your S/S outfits.

The lace up shoe by Jil Sander is available here for the price of $795.00.

Official Description:

Composition – Leather

Sole- Leather

Heel Height – 3.0 cm



Agnes B

Although I personally can’t pull this look off, I know many “fashionistos” who can.   The cropped pants is an awesome look for the tall and slim people in this world and the key to wearing it correctly is to match it up with a low cut pair of sneakers and a top that isn’t too baggy or long.  The cropped pants featured above is designed by AGNES B and is weaved with a technique called herringbone with cotton fabric.  Although we see herringbone on many winter wear such as wool suits or coats, it’s nice to see it in a S/S collection.

The style of fastening the pants is done with a 6 button flap and for some reason reminds me of a modern day pilgrim lol.  If I had the confidence… and the body to wear this, I would wear it with couple things; a pair of distressed, black curved toe brogues, pleated white button down, red suspenders and a black pork pie hat with red feathers.  (<—- run on sentence… so SUE me!!!)

The trousers are available here for $204.00.

Official Description:

Cotton gabardine Bermudas, fastening with button on flap.

Waistband with belt loops. 2 vertical pockets.

Finished with topstitching.



Percival has been on my radar for quite some time now and I’m really looking forward to their release of the new Spring/Summer 2011 collection.  Although the release of this collection is late compared to many other brands, it is worth waiting for.   With quality products becoming available to us such as this denim shirt, I am not complaining.  Percival does things right!  Honestly, when i can see genuine craftsmanship through photos of the product I get very excited… I mean just look at the bokeh focusing on the top!  The weaving, the weft, the woof  …  it’s on point!!

Being that it’s a denim shirt, it will never go out of style because it’s a classic piece and classic pieces are always a great investment!

Since the denim shirt isn’t available yet, I will keep you updated.  Until then you can visit their website and check out more of their S/S 2011 collection.




I know there are two more items to talk about, but my iMac is in the repair shop with all the information.   Being that there are so many brands, it’s hard to remember everything.. I have to apologize.  When I get the computer back, I will update this post A.S.A.P!!!

From umbrellas to shoes, everything is blue.  The color is in.. how about you?  (LOL!! like my poem to end this all?)

I hope you enjoyed this post and you like it, share it on F.B and Twitter and if you can comment!  Would love to know your thoughts!

Till next time!


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