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Filling the gap between street wear and high end designer sneakers, Android Homme has been providing the goods since 2008.  I found out about them late 09′ or early 10′ and I have been eying a few pairs for a long time now, but finally.. they are now in my hands thanks to Jack Threads.  I would always say “I’m going to purchase you!!  Just you wait.”, but like always there is something else I wanted to buy.. until recently.  Jack Threads, which is a site that provides items up to 80% off retail, had a pair of Android Hommes up for sale and I couldn’t pass up this deal!  Retailing for $150.00 they were on sale for about $90.00 shipped.. being a sucker for high tops this was a steal for me.

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First off the packaging is on point!  Many brands are too cheap now-a-days to put in more money for special packaging not understanding first impression is everything! The sneakers are neatly inserted into a black silk dust bag which sits inside a metallic silver Android Homme shoe box.  Just looking at the box now, it seems futuristic and very expensive.  Few extra goodies in the bag are extra white laces and much like Prada, a black plastic card that authenticates the sneaker.

So far it’s an amazing start and I’m very impressed.. lets go into detail review. (The materials stated to be used on this sneaker may turn out to be wrong, I am solely relying on my experience with fabrics.. and I seen and felt a lot of them!)

Check out the video before the review starts! (Available in 1080 p HD!!)

For my Android app users.. the video link is

Finished watching the video?  Okay.. let’s begin.

Unlike the Android Homme Propulsion Hi 1, the Propulsion Hi 2 comes with 1 ankle strap.  If I am not mistaken, the straps are made from rubberized leather and functions well by keeping my ankle in place.  To keep the clean black upper flowing, black contrast stitching was used.

The eyestay , both side panels and the toe box are crafted from decent black perforated suede.  The perforated suede used on this pair isn’t the best, but surely isn’t the worst.  I say this because after a few soft brushes the suede started to lift up and began to lose its quality, but to be fair.. I paid around $90.00 for it.


Try not to touch the suede and brush it when it’s really necessary.

The type of shoe laces used for this pair is waxed which puts some shine into the shoe and adds to the luxury feel.  This was definitely a good choice!  The extra white pair of laces however are not.  The white laces are a bit wider and longer on the tip.

What makes this sneaker so special and futuristic is the quilted heal and ankle.. it just adds so much to the sneaker.  The quilted heel is made from the same material as the ankle strap which I believe is to be rubberized leather.  This is my favorite part of this piece.

A shoe wouldn’t be complete without working vents.  The Propulsion Hi 2 offers four metal/mesh vents in total which can be found in the inner side of the sneaker.

One of the more special part of the shoes can’t be seen from the outside.. that’s because the “special part” is the insole.. yea i said it.. insole.  To many designers, the insole would be the last thing they wanted to “look good”, but for Android Homme that wasn’t the case.

After many debates with myself, I came to the conclusion the insoles are made with black patent leather with “Android Homme” embossed onto it.   If that isn’t special then I don’t know what is.

Figuring out what materials was used for the inner lining of the sneaker was difficult, but I think I narrowed it down to either three; polyester, satin fabric or sateen fabric.  I want to take out sateen fabric out of the group, because it’s often found in bed sheeting.. but what’s more comfortable than bed sheeting?  Then again, polyester is also a good choice because it traps heat keeping your feet warm.  Because of the glossiness of the lining I can’t rule out the possibility of it being satin fabric…  am I going fabric nerd on y’all?  Sorry.

Anyways, if you happen to know please write it in the comment section below.

Either way the fabric really helps our feet glide into the sneaker making us that much faster out the door.

The piping around the tongue is made from black patent leather.  Small details like these leave big impacts!

I know a lot of my YouTube fans like to see this so here it is.

Here is a look after my first wear and this is what the heel drag looks like after 4-5 hours in the city.  This isn’t bad, but it also isn’t good.  Again.. I will be fair, I had a toe injury few days before thus making me walk a little funny.

The all black upper sits on a clean white out-sole/mid-sole which is made from an all white rubber and features the Android Homme logo.  Very clean!




  • Best packaging I’ve seen in a long time!
  • Cool/futuristic design
  • Superb mixture of fabrics!
  • Attention to detail is unparallelled.
  • Clean and simple.
  • Appropriate for most occasions.
  • Very easy.. SUPER easy to put your feet in and out of the sneaker! +1 million points!


  • Suede loses its quality too quickly
  • Narrow.  Being that my feet is a little wider than average.. I find my feet aching after a couple of hours.
  • Insole doesn’t have enough cushion, but I’m just being picky.  (I’ll just invest in a pair of Dr. Scholls.)

All in all, the shoe is a good a pair and is well worth the retail price!!  I definitely will recommend this to my readers and friends.

You can find the Android Homme at .

*Please note that all photos and videos used in this post are done by and owned by me, .  For inquires regarding photo shoots, films, lookbooks or anything of nature please check the contact page or click here. *

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