Street Snaps | Bryant Park Shoe Shine

On my way to meet up with Sarah, I saw a beautiful blonde lady getting her boots shined.  I wanted to take this chance to create another short film, but I was in such a rush!  Although time wasn’t on my side, I couldn’t leave without creating a photograph.  I waited for the right moment, the right posture and this is the candid photo of the mysterious woman.

At first she seemed so awkward because she was getting her boots shined in front of hundreds of people, but she loosened up quickly and just started to enjoy the scenery.  I’m not sure if she is a tourist, but us New Yorkers should learn something from this.  We should all take our time to enjoy New York and not take it for granted.  I wish the World Trade Center was still around, because I really never got to enjoy the Twin Towers.  Yes, of course I seen it a couple times before, but now… it only remains in photographs and episodes of “Friends”.  You know what.. I just added something new on my “to-do-list”.. I am going to the top of the Empire State Building!  Come on, admit it, 85% of you probably never went up there!

Let this photograph teach us all something.  Get your shoe shined and enjoy New York!

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