Marcus Troy and Paul Chin during Project Global Trade Show

Paul Chin was born and raised in Queens, New York and still resides where fashion reigns king.  Picking up his first DSLR back in 2006, he fused the love for his sneakers and photography, ultimately creating his first blog under the name “Lavishlives”.  During his first trials as a blogger, he went around from city to city documenting his sneaker camp-outs with a Sony hand held recorder and being viewed by hundreds of thousands of people also ending up on world famous blogs like Hypebeast, Highsnobiety, MTV, Theshoegame, plus countless others.  As his style matured the blog soon followed which caused him to lose majority of his following.  This was hard for Paul, but he knew what had to be done, he started from the ground up and now is more determined to influence his readers through his new blog “Lavish-Livez”.  Since the inception of Lavish-Livez in August of 2011, Paul has collaborated with amazing companies like Hugo Boss, Coroz Tequila, Tretorn, Magic/Project Global Trade show, Hudson, Hyundai, Bloomingdales and many more!  Lavish-Livez looks back at 2011 as a “warm-up” phase and is now ready to crank the heat up, we want to write and take photos like no other and truly become a maverick in the blogosphere.

Through this blog Paul ultimately hopes to land a career somewhere in the fashion realm, some place where a blogger can be more than just that.

Please remember this is not a fashion magazine, but a style blog with a real, hard working person behind the screen.  I encourage you to really read the blog word for word and pay close attention to photos because we work really hard to satisfy our readers.  Please follow Lavish-Livez on Twitter, I personally run the Twitter and would love to hear from you!  @lavishlivez